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Download Sounds In HD 808 Essentials – FlsAudio

Sounds In HD 808 Essentials

Sounds In HD 808 Essentials

Sounds In HD 808 Essentials
Size 49 Mb


This new kit contains a feature where you can easily substitute 808 Layers without changing the Bass Line of your production. Instantly add character to all of your 808 basses! Turn the bass down and let the layer ride or have it compliment to your bass in the background. Gain total control over your production with 808 Essentials Drum Kit.


20 808 Bass Layers in different styles
Drum Samples Perfect for Urban, Radio, or Trap Music
35 Essential Sound Effects for Tags, Intros, or Style
24 bit wav files
100% Royalty-Free Samples
164 Samples total

Check out this before and after using a few percussion and bass layers on this track. You can also see the difference in the waveform.


What are 808 Layers? Layers add flavor to any sound but how can you layer your 808 bass lines? We crafted samples that instantly add character to your bass. We recommend you use the included basic 808 Bass to use with the layers inside. The benefit to the layers are that you can control more elements to your mix. Example: You have an 808 line you really want to use but it won’t fit with your Kick drum. Lower the 808 bass, apply a layer riding to the same melody with different frequencies that bring out the bass line. Mix and match different styles inside to fit your track. So if you have a really dirty trap beat you may enjoy a rougher layer and vice versa. The best part is you can mix more elements together. Now you can use kicks that would have never fit with the original 808 bass, adjust the EQ of the layer to bring out different areas and get new results.


Rises and Drops and nasty layers are in demand. Don’t settle for bland SFX in your track! We crafted many from the Nord Lead and applied distortion and harmonics for that urban character. Add more layer and character to your 808, Trap and Urban records with our essential drum collection inside. Kicks, Snares, Hats, Percussion Shots, Claps included. 164 Samples total!

808 layers add character to your bass, SFX are essential to any good record and of course drums that go along those genres are all inside.


Demo Preview:

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