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Download Splice Nasko Next Gen Preset Pack – FlsAudio

Splice Nasko Next Gen Preset Pack

Splice Nasko Next Gen Preset Pack

Nasko is a German performer and record producer making earth-shattering dubstep, bass, and dance music. Add a punch to your productions with lush sound design, glitchy basslines, gritty synths, risers, pads, and more found in this Serum preset pack.

Presets List:

BS 2 Way Fm
BS Addictive Stab
BS Annihilate
BS Bark
BS Blast Em
BS Catch Me Off Guard
BS Crush And Ring
BS Crushed
BS Crushed Growl
BS Disgusting
BS Distorted
BS Driven Resonance
BS Drunk
BS Extra
BS Fm Reese
BS Focus
BS Glitch 01
BS Glitch 02
BS Glitch 03
BS Gross
BS Heavy Stab
BS Homage
BS Hyper Lazer
BS Infamous
BS Loud And Clear
BS Metal Stomp
BS Metallic Beast
BS Mini Lazer
BS Mosquito
BS Notch
BS Ominous
BS One And Two And
BS Overdrive
BS Quirky
BS Ring Reese
BS Scream
BS Side Chick
BS Sinister
BS Soft
BS Squarify
BS Swap Swap
BS Sweep Swoop
BS Tight Reese
BS Twisted
BS Ultra Sub
BS Vibrato Growl
BS Vocal Morph
BS Wew
BS Wind Up
BS Wow Effect
BS Yoy Lazer
FX Back 01
FX Back 02
FX Back 03
FX Back 04
FX Back 05
FX Back 06
FX Back 07
FX Back 08
FX Back 09
FX Back 10
FX Back 11
FX Back 12
FX Back 13
FX Back 14
FX Back 15
FX Broken Synth
FX Bubbles
FX Charging
FX Deep Impact
FX Downlifter 01
FX Downlifter 02
FX Downlifter 03
FX Downlifter 04
FX Downlifter 05
FX Eight Bit
FX Lazer
FX Malfunction
FX Reverse Sweep
FX Slow Down
FX Space Valley
FX Uplifter 01
FX Uplifter 02
FX Uplifter 03
FX Uplifter 04
FX Uplifter 05
LD Evil
LD Kalimba Broken
LD Kalimba Sweet
LD Rave
LD Solid
LD Squares
PD Eclipse
PD Endless Travel
PD Lost
PD Quantum
PD Synthetic Dreams
SYN Fifth
SYN Ready
SYN Trio


Demo Preview:

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