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Download Tom Lord-Alge – THE BEACHES “GIVE IT UP” Inside The Track 8 TUTORIAL – FlsAudio

Tom Lord-Alge – THE BEACHES “GIVE IT UP” Inside The Track 8 TUTORIAL

Tom Lord-Alge – THE BEACHES “GIVE IT UP” Inside The Track 8 TUTORIAL

Join us for a look inside the track with rock mixer extraordinaire Tom Lord-Alge! Hosted at his very own Spank studios in Miami, this series focusses on Tom’s hybrid mixing techniques and general approach to projects. The session at hand is of the raunchy single ‘Give It Up’ by Canadian band The Beaches. TLA plays the rough mix, gives his opinion on what could be improved, then dives into his mixing workflow that is ‘in the box’ apart from SSL console EQ, summing, and mix compression.

He demonstrates his way of blending drum samples, recreating the lo-fi vocal aesthetic of the rough mix, and increasing perceived loudness with the SSL Quad compressor. Tom also explains why he avoids certain common workflows, compares stereo compressors, and plays his mixes with and without analog processing!

Rough mix commentary, key elements, roles beyond mixing, enhancing drums, mix buss, hybrid workflow

Avoiding templates, parallel compression, & mix buss EQ, vocal focus, stereo compressors, ITB vs. hybrid mixe


Tom Lord-Alge, the younger brother of mix engineer Chris Lord-Alge, is a 3 time Grammy Award winning producer and mix engineer One of Tom’s first major projects was the Multi-Grammy Award winning album Back In The High Life by Steve Winwood, for which Tom earned his first of two Best Engineered Recording Grammy Awards.


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