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Download Producing Professional Audio & Video Podcasts TUTORIAL – FlsAudio

Producing Professional Audio & Video Podcasts TUTORIAL

Producing Professional Audio & Video Podcasts TUTORIAL

Learn how to start your own podcast. Podcasting is a cost-effective way to connect with targeted audiences and even extend the reach of an existing publisher. This course provides proven tips for producing professional, high-quality audio and video podcasts on any budget. Instructor Rich Harrington—a veteran podcast producer and host—starts with a basic overview of what podcasting is. He then provides preproduction strategies that will help you identify business opportunities, find your niche, and create a basic outline for your show. He also compares the benefits and drawbacks of audio and video podcasting and screencasting, and shows how to set up a studio for recording—allowing you to get up and running in less than a day! Then discover techniques for recording and editing podcasts and screencasts on Mac and Windows, hosting your files, and testing and optimizing your feed. Plus, get tips on tracking your performance and promoting your podcast to the world.


1. What Is Podcasting?

  • A working definition of podcasting
  • The role of the RSS feed
  • The benefits of podcasting
  • Key podcasting terms

2. Preproduction Strategies for Podcasting

  • Mapping your production
  • Analyzing your competition
  • Maximizing your podcast’s budget
  • Outlining a show

3. Determining a Production Approach for Your Podcast

  • The benefits and of drawbacks of audio podcasting
  • The benefits and of drawbacks of video podcasting
  • The benefits and of drawbacks of screencasting

4. Setting Up a Studio for Podcasting

  • Selecting a microphone for podcasting
  • Monitoring your recording
  • Isolating and reinforcing audio for cleaner recordings
  • Field recording equipment
  • Voice over IP software
  • Audio recording software options
  • Adding a video camera to record yourself

5. Podcasting Techniques

  • Podcast interview techniques
  • Recording a podcast interview with Zencastr
  • Recording a screencast on a Mac
  • Editing a screencast on a Mac
  • Recording a screencast on a PC
  • Editing a screencast on a PC
  • Setting up a recording with Zoom
  • Recording a panel discussion with Zoom

6. Editing a Podcast

  • Editing software options
  • Importing audio files into Adobe Audition
  • Editing an audio podcast with Adobe Audition
  • Finalizing an audio podcast with Adobe Audition
  • Importing files into Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Basics of video podcast editing
  • Adding the final touches to your video podcast
  • Exporting your podcast for delivery

7. Compressing Podcast Files for Delivery

  • The need for compression
  • Choose the right compression software
  • Creating audio podcast files
  • Creating video podcast files
  • Testing your files before upload

8. Hosting Podcast Files

  • Requirements for hosting podcast files
  • Choosing a podcast host
  • An overview of Really Simple Syndication
  • Creating show art
  • Testing the podcast feed

9. Delivering the Podcast

  • Optimizing your feed with FeedBurner
  • Registering the podcast feed
  • Promoting your podcast
  • Tracking your podcast feed
  • Monitoring the health of your podcast feed


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