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Download Queen Chameleon Voices Of The Islands WAV – FlsAudio

Queen Chameleon Voices Of The Islands WAV

Queen Chameleon Voices Of The Islands WAV
Size 48.6 Mb

“Voices of the Islands” is a collection of exotic style Vocal Samples in the genres of Reggaeton, Dancehall, Afro-Pop, Latino, Reggae, Middle Eastern, Indian, and Brazilian music. Samples are authentic and recorded in the native languages of Spanish, Portuguese, Patois, and Turkish. These samples are perfect for the contemporary style producer. ‘Queen Chameleon’ takes you on an tropical escape around the world with this Vocal Pack; enjoy this special exclusive seasonal release!

Voices Of The Islands list of files:

Afro Pop Female Mi Full A Fun 2 Queen_Chameleon.wav
Afro Pop Just Bend Me Ova Queen_Chameleon.wav
Afro Pop Mi Wan Ride Pon Di Cocky 2 Queen_Chameleon.wav
Afro Pop Mi Wan Ride Pon Di Cocky Queen_Chameleon.wav
Afro Pop Nah Stop Queen_Chameleon.wav
Afro Pop Shake It Raw Queen_Chameleon.wav
Arabic Sexy Melody Queen_Chameleon.wav
Brazilian Baile Funk Dancar Queen_Chameleon.wav
Brazilian Funk Dancar Queen_Chameleon.wav
Brazilian Pop Tu Amor Queen_Chameleon.wav
Brazilian Verdadeiro Queen_Chameleon.wav
Brazilian Voce Sabia Queen_Chameleon.wav
Dancehall Rap Yi Kna Fi Make Me Wet Queen_Chameleon.wav
Dancehall Whine Wit It Queen_Chameleon.wav
Dancehall Wine Yo Body Pon De Floor Queen_Chameleon.wav
Indian Pop Female Queen_Chameleon.wav
Indian Pop R&B Lite Queen_Chameleon.wav
Indian Pop Sweet Ice Melodies Queen_Chameleon.wav
Indian Punjabi Melody Queen_Chameleon.wav
Jamaican Dancehall Rap Bruk and Wine Queen_Chameleon.wav
Jamaican Female Mi Ride Pon Di Cocky 2 Queen_Chameleon.wav
Jamaican Female Naughty Get Inbetween Mi Sheets Queen_Chameleon.wav
Jamaican Female Poom Poom Sweet Queen_Chameleon.wav
Jamaican Female Push It Up Queen_Chameleon.wav
Jamaican Female Rap Badda Gyal Queen_Chameleon.wav
Jamaican Female Rap Bock It Up Queen_Chameleon.wav
Jamaican Girl Rayse Up Arch Yo Back Queen_Chameleon.wav
Jamaican Naughty Female Make Mi Sweat Queen_Chameleon.wav
Jamaican Rap Mi Yard Queen_Chameleon.wav
Jamaican Rap Wa Gwan Queen_Chameleon.wav
Jamaican Rap Yi Kna Mi Queen_Chameleon.wav
Jamaican Seduction Likkle Gyal Queen_Chameleon.wav
Jamaican Vocal Arch Yo Back Queen_Chameleon.wav
Latino Passion Pop Te Amo Queen_Chameleon.wav
Latino Pop Ballad No Me Digas Que No Queen_Chameleon.wav
Latino Pop Cuando Tocas Mi Boca Queen_Chameleon.wav
Latino Pop Dramatic No Me Digas Que No Queen_Chameleon.wav
Latino Pop Eres Tu Queen_Chameleon.wav
Latino Pop Hip Female Tocar Tu Piel Y Tu Cuerpo Queen_Chameleon.wav
Latino Pop Melodic Rap A Noche Yo Senti Queen_Chameleon.wav
Latino Pop No Me Digas Que No 2 Queen_Chameleon.wav
Latino Pop Passion Queen_Chameleon.wav
Latino Pop Passion Yo No Quiero Estar Solo Queen_Chameleon.wav
Latino Pop Rap Female Me Gusta Quando Queen_Chameleon.wav
Latino Pop Strong Te Necesito Queen_Chameleon.wav
Latino R&B Pop Yo Te Quiero Ahora Queen_Chameleon.wav
Latino Reggaeton Pop Strong Vocal-Yo Te Conozco Queen_Chameleon.wav
Latino Sexy Pop Rap Quiero Sentir Amore Queen_Chameleon.wav
Latino Sexy Talk Tu Boca Es Tan Sensual Queen_Chameleon.wav
Melodic Middle Eastern Ooo’s Queen_Chameleon.wav
Middle Eastern Melody Queen_Chameleon.wav
Middle Eastern Pop Ah’s Queen_Chameleon.wav
Middle Eastern Pop Fantasy Queen_Chameleon.wav
Middle Eastern Pop Lyrics Queen_Chameleon.wav
Reggae Bock It Up Queen_Chameleon.wav
Reggae Female Bully Queen_Chameleon.wav
Reggae Female Mi Full A Fun Queen_Chameleon.wav
Reggae Female Mi Na Wan Borin Fuck Queen_Chameleon.wav
Reggae Female Nuh Fraid Fi Shake Queen_Chameleon.wav
Reggae Female Rap Wine Mi Body Pon Di Cocky Queen_Chameleon.wav
Reggae Girl Mi Ride Pon Di Cocky 3 Queen_Chameleon.wav
Reggae Island Sexy Dis Girl Naughty Queen_Chameleon.wav
Reggae Mi Wan Live In A Dream Queen_Chameleon.wav
Reggae Naughty Girl Mi Ride Pon Di Cocky Queen_Chameleon.wav
Reggae Pop Rhythm Queen_Chameleon.wav
Reggae Pop Vocals 1-2-3 Queen_Chameleon.wav
Reggae Wine Yo Body Pon De Floor 2 Queen_Chameleon.wav
Reggaeton Female Rap No Te Detengas Queen_Chameleon.wav
Reggaeton Female Rap Porque Me Besaste Diferente 2 Queen_Chameleon.wav
Reggaeton Latino Pop Sexy Female-Yo Necesito Tocarte Queen_Chameleonbounces.wav
Reggaeton Rap Dammelo Duro Queen_Chameleon.wav
Reggaeton Rap Female Te Adoro Papi Queen_Chameleon.wav
Reggaeton Sexy Rap Yo No Quiero Esberar Queen_Chameleon.wav
Reggateon Female Rap Tu Robaste Mi Corazon Queen_Chameleon.wav
Reggateon Rap 2Porque Me Besaste Diferente Queen_Chameleon.wav
Turkish Pop Female Ben Buna Bayilirm Queen_Chameleon.wav
Turkish Pop Melody I Like It Queen_Chameleon.wav
Turkish Pop Queen_Chameleon.wav


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