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Download Strangesol Music Sounds Of Theory WAV – FlsAudio

Strangesol Music Sounds Of Theory WAV

Strangesol Music Sounds Of Theory WAV
Size 159 Mb

Sounds Of Theory

Sounds of Theory melodic,vocal and drum loops range from trap to R&B vibes..

Sounds Of Theory file list:

AA Tii vx loop.wav
aahii vx.wav
Amnesia 113 Bpm.wav
Amnesia walk 113 Bpm.wav
duat drum loop 112 BPm.wav
Duat oohs 112 Bpm.wav
Duat Syn 112 Bpm.wav
E YEA E VX.wav
EARTH DRUGS 113 Bpm.wav
fall up drum loop 158 bpm.wav
fall up full drum loop 158 bpm.wav
fall up piano 158 bpm.wav
free falling 160 Bpm.wav
free falling 2 160 Bpm.wav
free falling arp 160 Bpm.wav
free falling low syn 160 Bpm.wav
free falling piano 160 Bpm.wav
GOLD VEVE drumloop 141Bpm.wav
GOLD VEVE hat loop 141Bpm.wav
GOLD VEVE synloop 141Bpm.wav
huh huh vx.wav
kundalinu rocking vx.wav
kundaluni magic vx.wav
Let It Go 140 Bpm 5_4 time signature.wav
Let It Go drumloop 140 Bpm 5_4 time signature.wav
let it oohh vx .wav
Let it vx loop 140 bpm.wav
loose it vx.wav
makidada 129.5 Bpm.wav
makidada end129.5 Bpm.wav
makidada lazy bridge 129.5 Bpm.wav
never use to this vx .wav
no love piano 143 Bpm.wav
OCCASIONS chop 122 Bpm.wav
oh eye vx.wav
one day vx loop.wav
Ooh ooh.wav
oone loo vx loop 154 bpm.wav
Oooh .wav
Samadi 165 Bpm.wav
Samadi drumloop 165 Bpm.wav
smooth vx .wav
true vx.wav
voodoo 808 154 Bpm.wav
when i Do it vx.wav
whoa vx loop.wav
whooap up vx.wav
whoop vx.wav
why you watching me vx.wav
WTH vx .wav
yea ai vx.wav
yea walk down vx .wav
yeoa vx.wav
Your heart vx.wav


Demo Preview:

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