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Download Udemy Ultimate Mixing & Mastering Guide Vocals TUTORIAL – FlsAudio

Udemy Ultimate Mixing & Mastering Guide Vocals TUTORIAL

Udemy Ultimate Mixing & Mastering Guide Vocals TUTORIAL
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Aside from commercial experience, I have a YouTube channel with over 3,000,000+ views.

Today, I’m proud to share with you my ULTIMATE Mixing and Mastering Vocals Guide for Logic Pro. My goal is to transfer my 8+ years of experience onto YOU and give you all the Studio Secrets that I’ve picked up along the way.

Basically, I’m going to walk you step-by-step through my EXACT process for Mixing and Mastering. The same process I use for my paying clients of RecordingNOW.

Although the examples in this course are a Vocal track and Logic Pro, I teach the RIGHT fundamentals that can be applied to any sound and any music program.

I’m going to teach you the basics of Equalizers, Compressors, Reverbs, and Limiters, while also giving you REAL examples of settings you can use in your own songs.

What you’re paying for is not only my awesome online course, but also my 1-on-1 coaching that will be available to you throughout your music journey, even long after the tutorials are done.

I answer every single question, message, and comment that is left on my course.

This small investment you make today will repay itself over and over again in the future.

Click that “Take this Course” button now and let’s begin!

What you’ll learn

•Mix and Master their music using my EXACT professional method that I use for paying customers of my online mastering company.
•Learn how to use an Equalizer to shape their sound!
•Learn how to use a Compressor to smooth out the volume of vocals/instruments while bringing out massive detail!
•Learn how to apply Reverb to bring your vocals/instruments to LIFE!
•Learn how to use a Limiter to bring up the volume to industry-standards while preventing the dreaded DISTORTION that ruins songs.


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