343 Pro Sessions Dodi Palese: Art of The Remix TUTORIAL

343 Pro Sessions Dodi Palese: Art of The Remix TUTORIAL

In this masterclass, Dodi will announce a remix contest for one of his forthcoming tracks. Only attendees to the class will be able to participate

Remixing a famous artist track and getting released along their name is probably one of the best ways of getting your name out there as a producer. Dodi Palese has been recognised as one of the best remixes in the game for years now and he is going to share his process and tips for remixing

Course Overview:

  • How do I decide whether or not to remix a track
  • – Unpacking the original
  • Organization tips
  • Choosing right elements of the original
  • How I turn the original to a remix with personal touch
  • Exploring 2 of my remixes
  • Engrave Ltd Remix Contest

Growing up with a father who ran a radio station is what installed an eclectic ethic in him, and it set him in good stead from the off.

For many years Dodi was a core resident of some clubs in Southern Italy, where he would often spread his musical wings through funk, jazz, soul, afro, disco, house, and techno for up to eight hours a night.

It was an important learning curve that means he is now able to take a dance floor’s hand and lead it on an unpredictable and rewarding journey through sound that defies the usual categorizations.

Dodi also curates his own labels Engrave Ltd, Rakale and What Ever Not.


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