91Vocals Soulmates Vintage Classics WAV

91Vocals Soulmates Vintage Classics WAV

91Vocals Soulmates Vintage Classics WAV

‘Soulmates – Vintage Classics’ is a curated collection of original soul samples, vintage vocals, live instrument loops, and vinyl cut melodics. Paying tribute to the classic soul records that have shaped hip-hop and continue to inspire. For the crate diggers, vinyl lovers, and modern producers searching for rare gems. Plus select cuts, flipped and resampled into chopped loops, dripping in vinyl and tape nostalgia. Proudly presented by 91Vocals in collaboration with Arthouse Acoustics.

This collection builds on the foundations of extensive composition, arrangement, and recording by a team of experienced professional musicians inspired by the rich history of soul music. Arthouse Acoustics used vintage mics and analog preamps to capture live performances and emulate the warmth and character of true-to-era production techniques. Includes full melodic stacks, instrument stems, vocal stacks, resampled loops, and one-shots – all original and royalty-free.


  • 24 Melodic Stacks
  • 23 Melodic Stacks with Vocals
  • 16 Resampled Melodic Stacks
  • 48 Vintage Vocal Hooks (including Stacks)
  • 10 Vinyl Loops
  • 34 Vinyl Cut Loops
  • 23 Bass Guitar Loops
  • 27 Electric Guitar Loops
  • 20 Vintage Piano Loops
  • 17 Vintage Strings Loops
  • 16 Vintage Trumpet Loops

One Shots:

  • 12 Melodic Stack Stabs
  • 7 Melodic Stack Phrases
  • 10 Instrument One Shots
  • 5 Vocal One Shots

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