91Vocals Star Girl Lofi Synthwave WAV

91Vocals Star Girl Lofi Synthwave WAV

91Vocals Star Girl Lofi Synthwave WAV

Soak in the neon glow with ‘star girl – lofi synthwave’, where bittersweet melodies intertwine with driving synth bass, dreamy vocals, and the rhythmic pulse of machine drums. Featuring uplifting songstarters and melodic stacks built on foundations of deep saturation, tape hiss, and nostalgic analog drift. Designed to inspire synthwave, dreamwave, indie synth-pop, dream pop, and lofi bedroom beats.

Explore a characterful collection of drum hits and loops, blending the retro punch of vintage drum machines with resampled live recordings and crisp modern processing. Layered in texture, gated reverb, and lofi tape warmth. ‘star girl’ takes influence from artists such as College, Electric Youth, WOLFCLUB, Dana Jean Phoenix, A.L.I.S.O.N, and many more.

All samples are handcrafted from conception to completion resulting in a detailed and vision-inspired collection. Vocals are supplied with both wet and dry versions for maximum flexibility. Created by producer and sound designer Dokkodo Sounds, and featuring the distinctive voice of bedroom pop artist and producer HEIGHTS.

As described in our Terms of Use, you may not use HEIGHTS’ name, image, or likeness.


  • 16 Vocal Hooks (61 including Wet & Dry w/ stacks)
  • 8 Vocal Adlibs (34 including Wet & Dry w/ stacks)
  • 8 Vocal Phrases (41 including Wet & Dry w/ stacks)
  • 13 Vocal Chop Loops

Melodic Loops:

  • 25 Melodic Stacks
  • 25 Songstarters
  • 9 Resampled Melodic Stacks
  • 16 Resampled Songstarters
  • 103 Synth Loops (Bass, Keys, Pads, Arps, Plucks & Leads)

Drums & Percussion:

  • 128 Drum & Percussion One Shots
  • 43 Drum Loops
  • 25 Drum Loops No Kick
  • 21 Percussion Loops

One Shots:

  • 23 Synth One Shots
  • 13 Synth Bass One Shots
  • 17 Vocal Adlib One Shots
  • 14 Vocal One Shots
  • 11 Spoken Vocal One Shots
  • 9 FX One Shots

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