Acustica Audio Lava 2023 [WIN]

Acustica Audio Lava 2023 [WIN]

Lava is a VST/VST3/AAX/AU Acqua plugin that accurately recreates the tones of classic microphones, including their response, harmonic content and proximity effect. With just a few clicks using this out-of-the-box plugin, you can make your own microphones sound just like the mics you’ve always dreamed of owning.

Instantly expand the range of sounds you can get with your mic, thanks to accurate settings from both vintage and modern microphones. Ranging from the cheapest, funkiest mics out there to the most exclusive, boutique models on the market, Lava includes a whopping 141 microphone emulations: 100 source mics plus 41 destination mics.

Just choose your input microphone, make a few tweaks using the intuitive controls, and you’re ready to go! Lava is the perfect choice for recording and mixing, and can even be used in broadcasting and podcasting applications.

We offer the Lava plugin in either a standard version or an alternative “ZL” (zero latency) version, which is a great choice when tracking but requires extra processing resources. Consult the user’s manual for more details.

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