Acustica Audio Sunray 2023 [WIN]

Acustica Audio Sunray 2023 [WIN]

Sunray is a brand new suite of Acqua plugins (available in VST, VST3, AAX, and AU formats) that faithfully recreates some exceptional units with a vintage styling, but a modern sound, handcrafted in the USA by a famous boutique manufacturer of high quality, professional audio gear mainly based on vacuum tube technology, catering to the recording, post-production, broadcast, and live sound industries.

Let your arsenal shine with:

Sunray EQ: A Class A solid-state 4-band parametric equalizer featuring Low and High shelving/peaking, Low and High mid frequency bands consisting of bell shaped filters with an adjustable Q factor (ranging from 0.6 to 2), each EQ bands offers up to 16 dB of boost or cut and continuous frequency controls. Plus, added High and Lowpass filters (with 12 dB/octave slope) and an exceptional pre-amp stage for superior audio performance.

Sunray Comp: A tube-based compressor/limiter with its pre-amp stage.

Sunray Pre: A pre-amp hybrid section encompassing 2 stereo and 4 mono pre-amps for a total 6 emulations.

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