Afrominimal Sample Pack WAV

Afrominimal Sample Pack WAV

Producer 814 (Ismaila Talla) returns to Splice with a futuristic minimal approach to Afrobeats featuring Rand;B style chords and an attention to detail so each element shines.

Some music historians define minimalist music as a fusion of Western art music with non-Western cyclical structures. According to this theory, minimalist music composers of the Western world like Steve Reich, Terry Riley, and Philip Glass experimented in the 1960s and ’70s by incorporating Indonesian Gamelan and African drum music into their compositions, inventing minimalist music. Other music historians, such as the writers at Musicophilia, offer up another, more likely, theory: that musical minimalism’s foundations, apex, and influences are found in the music of African and Afrodiasporic people. Meaning, minimalist music wasn’t created by incorporating elements of African music, it was created by African musicians.

According to the Musicophilia website, “In the music on ‘Afrominimalism’ (a collection of songs from the ’60s and ’70s), minimalism takes different forms with different emphasis, but in ways that have a common core. Minimalism can mean any or all of the following: giving the sound not made equal weight to what is played; employing space between sounds with care; utilizing restraint as a means of heightening sustained impact; using intentionally fewer and simpler elements but intermingling them in complex ways; emphasizing the whole over its constituent parts. Or put more simply: minimalism is music where less is absolutely more.”

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