AKAI MPC Expansion Araab Muzik Soulful Vocals Edition 1.0.2 WIN OSX

AKAI MPC Expansion Araab Muzik Soulful Vocals Edition 1.0.2 WIN OSX

Akai Professional and araabMUZIK are proud to present the follow title brining vocals to your beats!

Following the success of the hugely popular Mofit Alumni “TrapSoul Edition” The next chapter in this incredible new series brings the elements of vocal production to your mixes!! Inside this expansion, This new araabMUZIK Expansion again features the talented skills of “Motif Alumni” adding Soulful Trap Vocal production which includes everything from……..Vocal Hooks, Melodies, phrases, Ad Libs, and Shouts, bounced down into Dry/Wet versions adding all the sizzle FX for today’s sound transforming your beats into hits separating you from the crowd.

Part of araab’s evolution is expanding his sound and creativity by working with other producers and artists. This is why Akai Pro and araabMUZIK have teamed up again introducing the “araabMUZIK presents” series. As promised…..this new pack will introduce vocal sessions recorded by his team giving you all the tools to push your productions forward!

All vocal samples feature “Dry & Wet” versions proceed for instant production and inspiration. Simply, hook up your MPC and start cooking up masterpieces instantly. For more information on araabMUZIK projects and Motif Alumni go to araabMUZIKpresents.com”

Inside Motif Alumni “Soulful Vocals Edition”

Includes over 396 Male/Female Vocal Samples including Hooks, Phrases, Shouts, Top Lines bounced into Dry and Wet version. Also included is 1 exclusive Bonus TrapSoul DrumKit with key melodics and drum hits.


Demo Preview:

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