Ask Video Audio Concepts 109 Studio Monitors TUTORIAL

Ask Video Audio Concepts 109 Studio Monitors TUTORIAL

Do you want to know what type of studio monitors are the best design for your studio? Watch this course by audio expert Joe Albano to help you make the right choice!

One of the most important decision in setting a home or professional studio is the selection of studio monitors. With so many types of monitors available in various sizes and designs, it can be difficult to make an informed choice. To assist you with this task, audio expert Joe Albano created this course. In these 19 tutorials, you will learn about the various aspects of speaker design and important concepts you need to know for picking the optimal pair for your room.

After giving a brief background on the use of studio monitors and the mechanics of how they work, Joe dives into their important components, from the tweeter to the different types of enclosures available. You learn about coaxial monitors, multi-speaker designs, passive vs. powered monitors and subwoofers. Joe also touches on the importance of monitor placement (including for surround sound) and how to deal with room issues. The course ends with a buyer’s guide that will help you to make a purchase decision.

So join audio expert, Joe Albano, as he covers the ins ands outs of studio monitors, and be sure to watch other courses in our Audio Concepts series!


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