AT229 Noon // Sample Library WAV

AT229 Noon // Sample Library WAV

AT229 Noon // Sample Library WAV

Embrace the weird, yet wonderful sound of the Landscape Noon passive instrument. A highly textural and organic synth percussion and bass sample library.

Many different voltage sources from eurorack modules and sequencers were used during the creative process. A library sculpted by instability, loading and unloading the circuits with the natural chaotic movement of electricity.

There are 230 dry 122 bpm loops. These are recorded straight from the instrument with absolutely no additional processing.

We also took the time to record the same loops through their own individual processing chain. That’s 230 wet loops. These processors included the Overstayer Modular Channel, Kush Tweakers, Analog Moogerfooger Pedals and a number of Eurorack FX modules.

The result is a sample library full of character and unique timbres to set your music apart.

What’s included?

  • 230 x Noon Loops Dry
  • 230 x Noon Loops Wet
  • 177 x Noon One Shot Samples

Product Specifications:

  • Noon contains a total of 637 samples
  • 230 x Dry loops, 230 x Wet (processed loops) and 177 x single shot samples.
  • All loops are recorded at 122 BPM
  • As with all of our packs the included content is 100% Royalty-Free.

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Demo Preview:

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