Audio Production Level 2 – Reverb & Delay TUTORIAL

Audio Production Level 2 Reverb & Delay TUTORIAL

Audio Production Level 2 – Reverb & Delay TUTORIAL

This course: Audio Production Level 2 – Reverb & Delay is not just another ‘tips and tricks’ course (although you will also find those here too!)

Instead of giving you pre-determined settings for Reverb and Delay, you learn how the different types of Reverbs and Delay work, and will be able to set up your own ones from scratch, thereby creating any space and/or effect that you want to create, to suit your audio.

You are given all the audio tracks used in the demonstrations, and you are also given all the links for the free, legal plugins that I use, in the Course Resources that you can download yourself, making it easy for you to follow every lesson step-by-step.

What you’ll learn

  • You learn how both Algorhythmic and Convolution Reverbs work, and how to adjust and use them effectively and with confidence
  • You also learn how Delay works, how to adjust and use synchronised delays, non-synchronised delays and short delays to create enhancements to your recordings
  • Create backing vocals with Delay, special fx using Compression with Reverb, and the amazing effects you can create when using Delay and Reverb together
  • You learn how Reverbs and Delays add space to your mixes, and how best to utilise them


  • A laptop, either PC or Mac
  • Speakers/Headphones
  • An audio Interface is preferable but not essential for this course

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