Beginner Jazz Guitar-Mastering The 2-5-1 Progression [TUTORIAL]

Beginner Jazz Guitar-Mastering The 2-5-1 Progression [TUTORIAL]

This course is for beginners, who wanna start playing jazz guitar, and guitarist from other generes, who want to expand their knowlege. During these lessons, you will learn about the most important chord progression in jazz, the 2-5-1. You can master the theory behind it, why is it used, and how. We will learn basic jazz comping techniques, with with strumming, and finger picking.

We will use diatonic soloing, over the 2-5-1 progression, so you don’t have to learn tons of scales, and modes. The easiest way to improvise in jazz, is playing arpeggios. We will learn the ones, you need! We will learn very useful soloing techniques, which are essential in jazz improvisation, like the 3-b9 method, mainly used by Charlie Parker, and beautiful chord, and arpeggio substitutions. You will find Tab, and guitar pro file, for each section. At the end of the course, we sum up what we have learnt, and play very cool jazz lines.

I beleive in practical, and logical way of teaching, and playing the guitar. You can have one lick, melody, and practice for a day, finding all the possible ways to play it, on the fretboard.

Join my course, and let’s explore jazz guitar playing, together!

What you’ll learn:

  • You will learn the most important jazz progression, the 2-5-1 in theory, and practice. How to play beautiful chords, and solo with real jazz language
  • No more endless scale and chord position studying, I’ll teach you the logical way, to easily manouver over the 2-5-1 progression
  • The jazz theory can be scary at the first sight, but I simplify it to you, with my clear, and practical method. We always learn theory, with practical examples!
  • In this course, you will master many useful jazz soloing techniques, like the legendary 3-b9” method, the Major 7 over minor arpeggio substitution, and more!
  • During the course, I’ll teach you the essential guitar techniques, like alternate and sweep picking, to make your soloing more fluid
  • With this course, you will get practical chord, scale, and arpeggio exercises, everything written in sheet music, Tab and Guitar Pro files
  • I also made you a time efficient practice plan, to get the best resoults from this course, in no time!

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