Billegal Sounds reathance airmonger WAV

Billegal Sounds reathance airmonger WAV

Billegal Sounds presents the 31st entry in our featured artist series, ‘Airmonger’ by reathance. A substantial collection of experimental sounds awaits, ranging from thunderous drums and unconventional basses to enigmatic vocal textures, immersive pads, and glitchy arpeggios.

‘Airmonger’ offers a diverse and innovative soundscape that challenges conventions, providing you with the means to elevate your music to unexplored realms. Whether you seek a glimpse of sound design’s idiosyncratic future or simply yearn for unconventional elements to enrich your compositions, this pack is your essential tool for sonic exploration. Unleash your creative potential with ‘Airmonger’ and redefine the boundaries of your music.

755 Samples

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Demo Preview:

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