BLEASS Vox v1.0.5 [WIN]

BLEASS Vox v1.0.5 [WIN]

BLEASS Vox is your gateway to effortless sonic manipulation. This cutting-edge processor immerses you in a world of sonic possibilities, effortlessly shaping every nuance of your vocal performances.

The plugin’s powerful yet efficient engine allows you to manipulate and sculpt the formant characteristics of your vocals, allowing you to craft unique effects that really set your vocals apart. BLEASS Vox lets you explore and transform your vocal melodies with ease, transposing or fixing the pitch to deliver fascinating new melodies and harmonies.

Taking inspiration from the world of synthesisers, BLEASS Vox’s UNISON processor adds phenomenal depth and weight to your vocals. The UNISON processor can also spread its up-to 10 detuned voices across the entire stereo image, delivering a huge, captivating sonic presence that no other vocal processor can match.

BLEASS Vox’s flexible vibrato processor places a new realm of expressiveness at your fingertips. Whether creating subtle-yet-classy pitch fluctuations or extreme special effects, the dedicated vibrato controls mean there is no need to configure LFOs or mess around with modulation mapping.

BLEASS Vox is at home in the studio and on the road, its real time processing mode delivering the speed and efficiency needed during tracking sessions and live performances, whilst its standard processing mode delivers the quality and accuracy demanded by the critical editing and mixing stages of your projects.

With BLEASS Vox there is no getting bogged-down in the details of a complex vocal processing chain, leaving you free to concentrate on shaping unique sounds and great music.

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