Composing Music with Generative AI [TUTORIAL]

Composing Music with Generative AI [TUTORIAL]

For those with a curiosity toward the future of music, composing music with generative AI has arrived at last. If, like me, you’ve been watching artificial pop stars take the billboards and stadiums across the US and Japan by storm, you must be curious about the entire process.

In today’s class we’ll be using the most cutting edge generative music platform to create our own track, then we’ll clean the track up as best we can in Ableton Live. It’s a relatively simple process that can lead to startling results.

To get started all you’ll need is a laptop with a web browser as well as a DAW such as Ableton Live. I’ll also show you a few plugins you can invest in if you’d like to take your AI tracks to the next level. This class is well suited to students at any level who are interested in taking that next step toward the future.

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