Cr2 Melbourne Bounce 2 Sample Pack

Cr2 Melbourne Bounce 2 MULTIFORMAT

We will be the first but not the last to say… “this pack is INSANE!”

Do you crave 3.35GB of tools to compete with the top level names in Melbourne Bounce? Do you need the sounds and the resources to make great music now?

From the producer behind Melbourne Bounce Drops, this pack centres around 15 Songstarter Construction Kits packed with 523 top notch audio files 143 MIDI files and 213 synth presets. We have pushed the envelope once more and with Melbourne Bounce 2 we include the actual insert FX alongside the synth presets so you can get the exact sound from the pack. We also include 34 sets of kicks organised into every note of the chromatic scale and 34 offbeat bass patches for Spire.

Of course we also include 3 video tutorials from the producer including some trade secrets, a video with Mike Monday on increasing your studio output and a booklet containing Melbourne Bounce tips and tricks. In addition we include yet another video which is the ultimate guide to pitching your music to labels and industry professionals from the Music Marketing Academy’s Budi Voogt.

This is purely and simply the ultimate resource for Melbourne Bounce and beyond this is an essential product for anybody who makes big room music full stop.


  • 3.35 GB of Total Content
  • 523 x Audio Loops and One-Shots
  • 408 x Kicks Organised in the Chromatic Scale
  • 15 x Key Labeled Songstarter Construction Kits
  • 143 x MIDI Files
  • 213 x Synth/FX Presets for Massive, Sylenth, Spire, Harmor, Fabfilter Saturn, Pro C and ProQ
  • 34 x Offbeat Presets for Spire
  • 3 x Prod-Cast Video Tutorials
  • 1 x Music Productivity Video with Mike Monday
  • 1 x ‘Art of Pitching’ Video with Budi Voogt
  • 1 x Production Booklet


Demo Preview:

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