Create A Nice Professional Tropical House Music From Scratch [TUTORIAL]

Create A Nice Professional Tropical House Music From Scratch [TUTORIAL]

Create A Nice Professional Tropical House Music From Scratch [TUTORIAL]

I will show you how to create a professional EDM Tropical House Music using only our ears and without any inspiration

What you’ll learn:

  • how to create you chords by ears
  • how to mix you elements
  • how to use EQ and Reverb
  • how to create a melody by ears
  • how to layer your melody
  • how to add your percussions
  • how to create ambience elements of your music like the atmosphere background sound and the pads
  • how to use compression
  • how to use distortion
  • how to sidechain your elements and what are the elements that needs sidechain
  • how to create a nice Pre-intro Part
  • how to create a nice break
  • how to create a good build up and drop
  • how to create a nice vocal chops
  • how to master your song


  • Basic Understanding Of FL Studio
  • Average Headphones
  • Average Computer

Hi there, and welcome to this course where I will show you how to create a nice, professional, electronic tropical House Music in 3hours from scratch using FL Studio.So basically, in this course you won’t be in need of any music theory because the whole process of making this song is going to be using only our ears, also you don’t need to be inspired because the process of making this music was without any pre-ideas of the melody the chords…So basically, throughout this course you will be discovering the real process of how to make a song using FL studio because we will keep adding instruments and elements and making choices and replacing stuff and deleting stuff until we finish this song.In this course I tried to be as minimalistic in my video editing as possible so you can fully discover this process with me.In this Course I will show you how to make each section of this course starting from the pre intro until the outro with the mastering processAnd we will slowly keep building it until we end up with a one complete song of 3minutes long.So, don’t forget to give me your feedback on this Course and I hope you like it and you learned something new today


Section 1: Starting The Intro & Break

  • Lecture 1 How To Create Your Main Chords Progressions And Humanize Them
  • Lecture 2 Structuring Your Playlist And Creating,Layering and Mixing Your Pads In
  • Lecture 3 How To Create A Nice Atmospheric Sound And Mix It
  • Lecture 4 Mixing The Piano and Creating A New Intro Arrangement
  • Lecture 5 Creating a Hihat and Mix it to fit the Vibe Of The Song

Section 2: Designing The Pluck & Creating Other Elements

  • Lecture 6 Sound Designing a Pluck and Mixing It
  • Lecture 7 Consolidating Your Chords and Adding your First Percussions
  • Lecture 8 Adding Arp and Sidechaining the Elements
  • Lecture 9 Creating The Pre Intro Section

Section 3: Build up & Drop Creation

  • Lecture 10 Starting the Build Up and Creating the Melodies
  • Lecture 11 Adding Multiple Elements To The Build Up
  • Lecture 12 Adjusting The Build Up And Starting The Drop
  • Lecture 13 Layering the Melody and Creating The Sub Bass

Section 4: Creating The Second Part of The Song

  • Lecture 14 Starting the 2nd Part Of The Song
  • Lecture 15 Creating the 2nd Build up And Drop
  • Lecture 16 Creating the Outro Section
  • Lecture 17 Creation Of The Vocal Chops

Section 5: Mastering The Last Result

  • Lecture 18 Mastering and Exporting The Final Result

People who are willing to learn how to produce EDM Music,People that like Electronic Music,People that want to learn how to make melodic music

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