Cymatics Trilogy Launch Edition WAV MIDI

Cymatics Trilogy Launch Edition WAV MIDI

Cymatics Trilogy Launch Edition WAV MIDI

Explore New Creative Territory With Sounds Inspired by Trap, Electronic, & RnB

TRILOGY: Electronic Melodies

High Energy Electronic Melodies Inspired by Top Artists Like Flume, Brooks, & Lil Uzi Vert

This pack covers all bases for high energy melodies inspired by the biggest songs within the umbrella of the Electronic style.

We pulled inspiration from some of the most memorable artists of the style including Flume, Brooks, & Lil Uzi Vert to name a few.

So regardless of if you’re making hard-hitting Trap, or EDM inspired dance music these Electronic melodies are extremely versatile.

TRILOGY: Trap Melodies

Placement Ready Trap Melodies Inspired by Future, 21 Savage, & Cubeatz

This collection includes placement ready melodies that capture the heart of today’s biggest Trap records.

We took heavy inspiration from major artists / producers like Cubeatz, Young Thug, Future, & many more to create memorable melodies that pair with heavy 808s & hard drums.

Inside the pack, you get access to a variety of hit ready melodies in a variety of different styles, key and bpm labeled with full stems & MIDI.

TRILOGY: RnB Melodies

Soulful & Emotional Melody Loops Inspired by SZA, Khalid, Drake, & H.E.R

This pack focuses around the emotion-driven sound of modern RnB, with soulful instrumentation detailed throughout each sample.

Our team studied some of the biggest artists of the genre such as SZA, Khalid, Drake, & H.E.R, to name a few.

We included a variety of different styles to work for modern RnB to give you tons of inspiration for setting the vibe of your next record.


3 New Collections of Versatile MIDI Compositions For Trap, RnB, & Electronic

Our top loop makers spent extra time writing hand-designed MIDI for all 3 styles inside of TRILOGY.

This includes a wide variety of MIDI compositions that can be shaped depending on the sound selection that you choose.

You can use these to study how we write our loops, use them as is, or customize them to make them entirely unique to your style.


3 New Collections of Mix-Ready Drum Loops For Trap, RnB, & Electronic

Our team has been making a ton of music with the melodies from TRILOGY and these drum loops were pulled from those projects, field tested and ready to go.

Each of these collections includes pre-processed drum loops that carry heavy influence for each style including Trap, RnB, & Electronic.

And as always, every drum loop inside is processed to punch through any mix that you use them on, with full stem layers for each loop.


3 New Collections of Crisp & Punchy Drum One Shots For Trap, RnB, & Electronic

Inside each pack, you’ll get everything from punchy kicks, snares, hi-hats, claps, cymbals, 808s, and more for building banger music in each style.

Our team cross-referenced the melodies and drum loops from their TRILOGY projects, to design sonically driven drum one shots that carry a punch.

Each of these one shots have been pre-processed to slice through the mix right out of the box, so you don’t have to worry about heavily processing them later on.

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