DefRock Sounds Outrun (Serum Presets) [FXP]

DefRock Sounds Outrun (Serum Presets) [FXP]

DefRock Sounds Outrun (Serum Presets) [FXP]

This pack for Serum was inspired by the work of the French musician and producer Kavinsky. For this pack, we created the typical Kavinsky sound of basses, leads and plucks, which can be characterised as harsh and dirty with a lot of resonance on the filter.

Whether you want to deconstruct the sounds and learn how it’s been made or simply use them in your next production, each sound is mix ready for your next production.


  •  BASS – 26
  •  LEAD – 26
  •  PLUCK – 11
  •  PAD – 3
  •  KEY – 3
  •  VOX – 1
  •  SEQ – 1


  •  Useful Macros
  •  Embedded Custom Wavetables
  •  Organised Matrix
  •  Unique and rich sounds
  •  Pro-made sounds

Requirements: Latest version of Serum!

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