Devious Machines Plugins Bundle 2021 [MACOSX]

Devious Machines Plugins Bundle


Infiltrator is a monster multi-effect which can stack, sequence and modulate up to ten different effects at once. From liquid analogue filtering to complex how did they do that? transformations, Infiltrator turns simple sounds into works of art.


A powerful sound layering FX plug-in for adding noise, interest, or completely transforming your sounds.


Awesome sidechain-style ducking and volume lfo effects.


Mind-blowing pitch effects


Pro Dynamics With An Upward Focus Boost is an ultra-low distortion, upwards limiter from UrsaDSP. Its revolutionary design gives you new ways to control dynamics without forcing you to accept distortion.

Use it on tracks, groups and your master bus to increase levels, reveal hidden details with upward limiting or improve your stereo image with the mid-side mode.


  • DM Infiltrator v1.0.12
  • DM Texture 1.7.4
  • DM Duck 1.1.6
  • DM PitchMonster 1.2.5
  • UrsaDSP Boost 1.5.1


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