Digital Domain at Sterling Sound Mastering Workshop 10 TUTORIAL

Digital Domain at Sterling Sound Mastering Workshop 10

Digital Domain at Sterling Sound Mastering Workshop 10 TUTORIAL

Brought to you from Sterling Sound in New Jersey, this series is led by mastering engineer Idania Valencia!

For her MWTM debut, Idania gives a comprehensive walkthrough of her philosophy, workflow, and techniques. Demonstrating her expertise on six different projects, she conveys how to efficiently use a handful of plug-ins to consistently achieve ‘in the box’ results on par with high-end analog chains. She also discusses monitoring, SRC, loudness penalisation, and much more!

Part 1
13 min
Philosophy, studies, internship, assisting, setup, DAW of choice, mix vs. stem mastering, genre-based focus

Part 2
15 min
Target levels, ‘louder vs. better’ psychology, DSP normalisation, penalisation triggers, optimising for algorithms

Part 3
07 min
Sample rate, bit depth, SRC, streaming platform resolutions, playback device capabilities, advancements

Part 4
15 min
Studio design, monitoring environments, translation, headphone QC, distortion, analog vs. digital processing

Part 5
10 min
Mastering ‘It Takes Two’ by Fiji Blue

Part 6
10 min
Mastering ‘Lose my Mind’ by James Arthur

Part 7
12 min
Mastering ‘Casinò’ by Lucrezia

Part 8
08 min
Mastering ‘When’ by Moyka

Part 9
06 min
Mastering ‘Loved You A Little’ by The Maine ft. Taking Back Sunday & Charlotte Sands

Part 10
07 min
Mastering ‘Handle with Care’ by Francis Karel

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