Drum Lessons For Beginners Intermidiate (7 Week Course) [TUTORIAL]

Drum Lessons For Beginners Intermidiate (7 Week Course) [TUTORIAL]

Drum Lessons For Beginners Intermidiate (7 Week Course) [TUTORIAL]

Developing Grooves, Technique, Rudiments, Independence and Styles

What you’ll learn:

  • Reading and understanding drum notation
  • Learning our first drum beat and then expanding with (Kick variations, Ghost Notes, Hi Hat Patterns)
  • Linear Fills
  • Rudiments (Singles, Doubles, Paradiddle, Inverted Paradiddle, Flam, Flam Taps)
  • Styles and Genres
  • Techniques (stick control and foot control)

This course is designed to start at the very beginning of developing the individuals drumming knowledge.

This drum course is dedicated to providing lessons for beginner, intermediate and advanced drummers, looking to take their playing to the next level. Whether you are about to pick up the sticks for the first time or having been playing for a few years, this course will have something every drummer needs to progress to the next level. Having taught for over a decade, this course has been streamlined to involve the most important and essential exercises the drumming community has to offer.The course is broken down into 7 weeks with each week containing 4 lessons looking at grooves, styles, technique and reading. The lesson videos explain how to play the exercise slowly with multiple angles, giving the student the best view points for learning technique. PDF transcriptions are available from all the lessons and a weekly handbook is provided so students can track their progress. Once the student feels comfortable that they have mastered the week’s lessons, they can then progress to the next level. As you make your way through the exercises the level of difficulty also increase, with Week 7 containing the most complex exercises. This space is designed to give drummers all the tools they need to make it in the industry. With the course being comprehensive so not topics are missed. See you inside


Section 1: Week 1

  • Lecture 1 Reading Drum Notation
  • Lecture 2 Basic Groove
  • Lecture 3 Bass Drum Placement
  • Lecture 4 Singles
  • Lecture 5 Fill 1

Section 2: Week 2

  • Lecture 6 Ghost Notes
  • Lecture 7 Singles 2
  • Lecture 8 Fills 2
  • Lecture 9 Triplets

Section 3: Week 3

  • Lecture 10 Singles Around The Kit
  • Lecture 11 16th Note Grooves
  • Lecture 12 Paradiddle
  • Lecture 13 16th Note Phrases
  • Lecture 14 Fill 3

Section 4: Week 4

  • Lecture 15 Kick Placement 2
  • Lecture 16 Flams
  • Lecture 17 Triplet Grooves
  • Lecture 18 Linear Patterns

Section 5: Week 5

  • Lecture 19 16th Note Grooves 2
  • Lecture 20 Hi Hat Variations
  • Lecture 21 Flam Triplets
  • Lecture 22 Linear Fills 2
  • Lecture 23 Open Hi Hat

Section 6: Week 6

  • Lecture 24 Flam Fills
  • Lecture 25 Tom Grooves
  • Lecture 26 Sight Reading
  • Lecture 27 Paradiddle Groove
  • Lecture 28 Linear Phrases 3

Section 7: Week 7

  • Lecture 29 Jazz
  • Lecture 30 Inverted Paradiddle
  • Lecture 31 Linear Patterns 4

Beginners to intermediate players who want a course covering all aspects of drumming

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