Drums & Tones The Mendel Tonex Metal Pack

Drums & Tones The Mendel Tonex Metal Pack

Drums & Tones The Mendel Tonex Metal Pack

This pack contains 25 tone models mixed by Mendel and 21 direct tone models so you can use your own IR/Cab. These tones have been been cleaned up and mixed by Mendel ready to be used at your desk or live on stage. Amps included are all 5150 III 100watt amps, Mesa amps, Peavey amps, Bogner amps and Engl amps.

The Mendel Tonex Metal Pack contains 21 direct amp captures ready to use with any Ir or cab sim of your choice. The pack also comes with 25 perfectly crafted mix-ready captures you can just drop in any heavy mix.

All captures were created with high-end studio gear and a professional audio production ear.
Giving you instant access to some of the best crunch and high gain guitar tones out there.

Amps Used:

– EVH 5150 III Stealth
– EVH 5150 III Ivory
– EVH 5150III EL34
– Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier
– Mesa Boogie Roadking II
– Engl Ritchie Blackmore
– Bogner Uberschall
– Peavey XXX
– Peavey 5150 Blockletter

Cabinets and Speakers Used:

– Mesa Boogie Oversize
– Mesa Boogie Roadking
– Mesa Boogie Traditional
– Marshall 1960a V30
– Bogner V30
– RedSeven

Pedals Used:

– Maxon OD808
– Horizon Precision Drive

Important Note : To import the presets into ToneX proceed as follows :
– Unrar The Mendel Tonex Metal Pack files
– Open ToneX
– Go into the Preset tab
(- If no preset exists already, create a random one by clicking the button next to the Preset tab)
– Right click on one of the presets
– Import Preset
– Browse to your Mendel Tonex Metal Pack folder, select everything you want and click Open

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