Equinox Sounds Full MIDI Tracks Series: Night Jazz Piano Vol.1

Equinox Sounds Full MIDI Tracks Series: Night Jazz Piano Vol.1

Equinox Sounds presents ‘Full MIDI Tracks Series: Night Jazz Piano Vol 1’ – a captivating MIDI track series that immerses you in the mesmerizing realm of nocturnal jazz. This collection showcases 30 complete Jazz Piano compositions in MIDI format, allowing you to infuse the magic of nighttime jazz into your personal and commercial music projects. These full MIDI tracks are versatile, making them perfect for various multimedia endeavors, including YouTube videos, cinematic soundtracks, video productions, radio and TV programs, commercials, computer games, and library music.

These full MIDI piano pieces have a duration from 4 to 5 minutes each, they include different sections (Intro, A, B, C, Bridge, Outro) and they also share the same key signature (C Major) so it will be much easier for you to combine MIDI data from one track to another if you are one of those producers who enjoy experimenting with MIDI data.

Each MIDI file also includes a chord chart in text format with detailed chord progression information for each section of the piece.

Exploring MIDI files is a great way to discover a tangible musical idea that’s also totally adjustable in terms of its pitches, rhythms and timbre.

Unlocking Your Creative Potential with The Full MIDI Tracks Series:

Extensive Collection of Full Compositions: The Full MIDI Tracks Series presents a vast array of full compositions in MIDI format. Each pack contains full instrument arrangements. With these ready-to-use compositions, you can instantly add depth and richness to your music productions.

Versatility for Various Projects:The MIDI format offers unparalleled versatility, making the Full MIDI Tracks Series suitable for a wide range of projects. Whether you’re working on captivating music for a YouTube video, film soundtrack, video production, documentary, radio/TV program or commercial, computer game or library music, these full MIDI compositions have you covered. They can serve as a versatile resource to enhance the emotional impact and overall quality of your work.

Customizable and Tailorable to Your Needs:MIDI compositions provide the flexibility to customize and tailor the music to your specific requirements. You have complete control over the choice of instruments, sounds, and virtual libraries used to render the MIDI data. This allows you to infuse your unique artistic vision into the compositions, aligning them perfectly with the intended mood, atmosphere, and genre of your project.

Seamless Integration: The MIDI files in the Full MIDI Tracks Series are designed for seamless integration into popular digital audio workstations (DAWs) and music production software. You can easily import the MIDI files into your preferred software, giving you immediate access to the musical arrangements.

Royalty-Free Usage: We understand the importance of having the freedom to use your creative work without any limitations. That’s why every MIDI file in the Full MIDI Tracks Series is 100% Royalty-Free. You can confidently use these compositions in your personal and commercial music productions, multimedia projects, and beyond, without worrying about any legal restrictions or additional costs.

Please Note:
This collection only includes MIDI Piano Tracks, other sounds or instruments such as drums, bass, etc. heard in the audio demo are not included, they were added for demonstration purposes.

Pack Contents:

  • 30 Full Night Jazz Piano MIDI Tracks
  • Key Signature for all of these MIDI Tracks is C Major
  • Each MIDI Track has different sections (Intro, A, B, C, Bridge, Outro)
  • Chords Progression Chart for each section of each MIDI Track included (Text File)
  • 100% Royalty-Free

Total Number Of Files:

  • 91
  • 774 KB

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