FL251 Solaris Vol.2: Cinematic Atmospheres WAV

FL251 Solaris Vol.2: Cinematic Atmospheres WAV

FL251 Solaris Vol.2: Cinematic Atmospheres WAV

We are proud to present “Solaris Vol 2: Cinematic Atmospheres” an awe-inspiring collection of 1.12GB, teeming with ethereal delights that will elevate your music production to extraordinary heights.

Unleash your creativity with a treasure trove of cinematic beds and evolving backgrounds, conjuring epic landscapes that paint vivid pictures in the minds of listeners. Delve into the depths of darkness with ominous atmospheres that send shivers down spines and set the mood for spine-chilling tales of suspense and feel the organic textural sounds caress your senses, enveloping you in a symphony of pure imagination then experience the ground-shaking rumbles and the intricate granular textures that add depth and complexity to your sonic palette.

Embrace the power of “Solaris Vol 2” in your cinematic masterpieces, and watch your video game backgrounds and trailers come to life with spine-tingling authenticity. Dive into the world of electronic music genres, including Ambient, Downtempo, Electronica, Experimental, and Abstract, and discover new dimensions of creativity that surpass all expectations.

Ready to transform your music production? These undiscovered sounds will be your golden ticket to filling every gap with brilliance and innovation.


  • 1.12GB
  • 100 Files
  • 8 Ambiences and Organic Textures
  • 27 Atmospheres Tonal & Atonal
  • 18 Dark and Ominous
  • 17 Delicate and Peaceful
  • 13 Granular
  • 17 Rumbles

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