Fracture Sounds Petrichor Earthy Woodwinds by Dan Keen [KONTAKT]

Fracture Sounds Petrichor Earthy Woodwinds by Dan Keen [KONTAKT]

Explore contemporary woodwind performance with a unique textural woodwind ensemble, recorded in collaboration with composer Dan Keen. The 6-piece ensemble, consisting of saxophones, clarinets, and flutes delivers an earthy and intimate sound, perfect for emotive scoring.

Petrichor combines a unique blend of woodwind instruments, performing in contemporary styles with motion picture scoring in mind. The Low Winds features a Bass Flute, Bass Clarinet, Bass Sax and Tenor Sax, whilst the High Winds is a blend of Alto Flute, Clarinet, Alto and Soprano Sax. Both ensemble types can be played individually as separate patches, or combined across the key bed in a combined Ensemble patch.

The instruments were selected specifically for their airy and warm characteristics, which are elevated when played in the specific articulation styles selected in this library. The wide range of timbres these woodwind instruments can produce and the emotions they evoke are what make them perfect for adding texture and nuance to any score.

Petrichor is the first library to utilise our newly developed GUI framework, giving you access to 8 articulations per patch via an intuitive grid system.

Introducing a groundbreaking new sampling technique, Smart Trills – an elegant solution to combining the different trill intervals available in Petrichor.

Smart trills will detect the chords you are playing and trigger the correct interval sample (either major 2nd, minor 3rd, or major 3rd). If an interval is out of range, the engine will trigger a whisp sample instead, so you can play any note combination and the engine will do the rest behind the scenes.

One of the hardest aspects of MIDI Composition is achieving a realistic sound. For Petrichor we focussed on creating a collection of samples that have textual nuance and can be easily layered with other mainstream orchestral libraries in your collection to help redefine your palette of sound.

Dan directed the musicians to play with freedom, adding an element of unpredictability. Whether it’s notes that randomly peek out (Spores), swells that shift dynamically (Blooms), or programming that sees the notes become more atonal as you ride up the modulation wheel (Wild Wisps), this library has a surprising amount of variety.

Dan Keen is a composer, producer, and musician from London, UK. During his time studying music, he developed an interest in sampling and rose to prominence within the industry through his YouTube channel, and by creating free sample libraries for his audience.

More recently he has been busy working on several projects, producing for Gary Barlow and orchestrating Take That’s latest album.


Sustained longs that vary in texture using vibrato.

Smart Trills
Intelligently triggers the correct trill or whisp samples to match any notes or chords you play. The individual trills (Maj2nd, Maj/Min3rd) have also been split into separate articulations on the Alternative patch.

Swells that rise and fall in random patterns.

Soft Accents
Short, soft staccatos that vary in length depending on velocity.

Long and short swells of the woodwind ensemble playing in unison.

Sustained notes with random short accents layered over the top.

Wild Wisps
Long sustains with Multiphonic (almost atonal) swells in the top dynamic, controlled by the mod wheel (CC1).

We are delighted to offer full NKS support for Petrichor. Harnessing the power of Native Instruments’ Komplete Kontrol keyboards, you have full hands-on control of the instrument, using the built-in display and parameter controls on the keyboard. This also means that Petrichor is accessible to blind and visually impared musicians. Furthermore, Petrichor is compatible with the free Kontakt Player, with activation through Native Access, meaning you can use the library without purchasing any additional software. You can download Kontakt Player from the Native Instruments website.


  • Low and High Woodwind ensembles
  • 11 Individual Articulations
  • 10 Unique Atmosphere Layers
  • Smart Trills that automatically recognise the chords you are performing
  • Full NKS support – works with Komplete Kontrol hardware
  • 3GB download size (NCW compressed from a 4GB sample pool)
  • Download through Native Access
  • Runs in the free Kontakt Player (v6.7 or later). No additional sampler software needed

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Demo Preview:

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