Future Koncept Future Garage WAV MIDI PRESETS


Future Koncept Future Garage

Future Koncept Future Garage WAV MIDI PRESETS

333MB+ of deep & twisted Future Garage Samples & Presets, featuring moving basses, chopped-up synths, uplifting FX, punchy one-shots, MIDI, as well as presets for FM8 and Operator! The ultimate Future Garage collection!

The Future Garage Sound has taken the UK by storm: Taking inspiration from the original Garage records of the late 90s and early 2000s, producers have fully restored, re-jigged and re-shaped this genre, bringing it back into the here and now. Future Koncept have put together a premium selection of Future Garage samples that represent the crème de la crème of this fresh & exciting movement!

Weighing in at over 333MB, this unique collection of intricate Future Garage beats, wonky basses, chopped-up chord progressions and catchy melodies brings you everything you need to make a 2-step inspired club smasher! Every sound included here has been professionally crafted to give maximum punch on a club system.

Specifically for this pack the Future Koncept crew has created a wide range of different bass sounds, from the punchy grime style basses over those trademark dub wobbles to deep Future Garage subs and energetic stabs that will truly shake the ground! Inside this Future Garage Sample Pack you’ll find all the low end energy you will need to move a crowd!

Within the synths section you’ll discover everything from chopped up keys and synth stabs to atmospheric pads and interesting arpeggios. As a special goodie we’ve also thrown in a MIDI counterpart for each bass and synth loop! These MIDI files will allow you extra flexibility when it comes to customising pitch, timing and instrumentation of the notes in the loops, so you can edit and customise everything to fit your own arrangement.

At the heart of this collection we’ve also included a pumping selection of punchy drum loops and one-shots, all inspired by 2-step, house and dub rhythms, ideal for dancefloors worldwide!

Then, last but not least we’ve also included a selection of Bass and synth presets for FM8 and Operator. These will give you the option to write your own synth and basslines from scratch, allowing you full control over the arrangement of your Future Garage productions.

So if you want 2-step into the Future Garage scene, grab yourself a copy now and immerse yourself in this ultimate collection of Future Garage sounds!

Please Note: All of the vocal samples in the demo are from Prime Loops’ critically acclaimed Rachel Clark Vocal Sessions & Stevan Lloyd Vocal Sessions, these sounds are NOT included in the download.

  • 27 x Synth Loops
  • 40 x Basslines
  • 17 x Operator Presets
  • 9 x FM8 Presets
  • 31 x Drum Loops
  • 21 x Future Garage FX
  • 64 x MIDI files
  • 99 x Synth & Bass Hits
  • 130Bpm
  • 24Bit Audio Quality

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Demo Preview:

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