Futurephonic Rhythmizer Ultra v1.0.1 [WIN & MacOS]

Futurephonic Rhythmizer Ultra v1.0.1 [WIN & MacOS]

Your Chaos. Your Control.
Infinite randomised ideas in seconds

Generate infinite, randomised MIDI with advanced control over groove, melody, dynamics and epic CC manipulation in your DAW

A single note, a universe of sound.

1 | Draw a MIDI Note

Feed Rhythmizer a single note in your key of choice to process in realtime

2 | Tweak the flow

Get busy in a playground of melodic, rhythmic and modulation options

3 | Let it Fly

Rhythmizer generates infinite random ideas to your settings. Record to MIDI or audio to edit further.

Key Features:

  •  Generates infinite randomised MIDI
  •  Tweak scale and rhythm probabilities including custom scales
  •  New: Generate harmony with Poly Stack mode
  •  New: Ergonomic Step Sequencer
  •  Advanced LFO pitch bending with Bend Mode
  •  Random gating and velocity
  •  MIDI Loop button!
  •  Assign randomized MIDI CC messages
  •  Some DAW limitations

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