Ghosthack Learn Mixing & Mastering Like A Pro Today Course

Ghosthack Learn Mixing & Mastering Like A Pro Today

In this course we will tackle all the problems during mixing and mastering, you might not know that you are facing.

Picture this, you made an incredible track that you are genuinely proud of. You realised your own unique vision of the song, created sick basslines and thought your tune had a good flow but it doesn’t receive the attention you were hoping for.

Maybe your beat isn’t quite danceable, because the awesome bassline you have designed isn’t side-chained properly and the kick cannot provide the impact your track needs.

Perhaps your instruments are sitting in the same frequency band or getting muddy due to lack of stereo field in your mix. This course will teach you proper EQing and panning techniques to improve the clarity of the melodic elements in your track.

You listen to your track in comparison to others but you find that yours is way quieter and maybe not loud enough to compete with everybody else’s. In the included lessons you will learn how to find the balance between saturation, compression and limiting in order to get a loud mix that isn’t clipping or distorting.

You may be thinking to yourself that you will learn all these things from free tutorials online. But this course will save you the time and effort to search the internet for quality, in-depth explanations that don’t just cover the same boring basics that you already heard of but don’t know how to actually implement in your next song.

With the help of Will you will learn all the pro techniques in 16 coherent and easy-to-follow modules.

Included Lessons

  1. Introduction
  2. The Mixer and its Channels
  3. Compression and Limiting
  4. EQing
  5. Layering Techniques
  6. Saturation and Distortion
  7. Reverb and Delay
  8. Panning and Stereo
  9. Side-Chaining
  10. Mixing Techniques for Different Instruments
  11. Varying Techniques for Different Genres
  12. Finalizing Your Mix
  13. Mastering Your Mix
  14. Testing Your Mix Against Reference Tracks
  15. Top 5 Biggest Mixing & Mastering Mistakes
  16. Secret Mixing and Mastering Tricks

Free Limited Bonus Sound Library!

Drum Hero Volume 3

Our popular Drum Hero series has reached part three, now even bigger and better featuring a total of 1,528 one-shots and loops created by two of our best sound designers with great care.

Expect tons of categorized snares and kicks, hi-hats, rides and cymbals, claps and toms. We included 30 awesome stem-separated drum loops for nearly every popular BPM, sharp-shifting funk break loops, hi-hat loops and rhythmic percussion loops for a quick workflow.

Like in volume two we also recorded some outstanding live drum instruments, this time a really fat sounding snare and a snare bourine for example. These recordings are perfect for creating your own snare that sounds like no one else. Layer these sounds, put some saturation and other effects on them and you get the thickest snare sound ever!

All files are 100% royalty free and can be used for commercial projects. The pack contains pure .wav files, which can be used with every software.

Ultimate Mixing and Mastering Course

  • Learn All The Pro Techniques in 16 Easy-to-Follow Modules
  • Conquer Mixing and Mastering in 6.5 Hours of HQ Video Material
  • Master The Art of Creating Balanced Music on Any Device
  • Includes FL Studio 20 Project and STEMs to Practice Your Skills
  • Multi Genre Compatible & Suitable for Every DAW


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