Groove3 Captain Chords Epic Explained TUTORIAL

Groove3 Captain Chords Epic Explained TUTORIAL

Groove3 Captain Chords Epic Explained TUTORIAL

Join production wiz Larry Holcombe as he guides you on a tour of Captain Chords Epic by Mixed In Key. This revolutionary plugin can be your perfect music-writing partner, whether you’re working on an Americana ballad or a high energy house track. With incredibly smart features and an easy-to-use interface, Captain Chords Epic can help you break through a spell of writer’s block, provide the impetus for your next hit, and everything in between! These Captain Chord Epic video tutorials are for new Captain Chords Epic users.

Larry begins by providing an overview of the Captain Plugins Epic suite, which consists of several plugins designed to aid in composition in various ways and shows a few different methods for using it within your DAW. Then he turns his attention to Captain Beat, demonstrating the use of patterns for different genres and manually editing or creating beats with various functions. You’ll also learn how to add fills, swing, filtering, and import your own samples, as well as shape the envelopes, add effects, and more.

Next, you’ll explore the many applications of Captain Chords Epic, such as choosing from preset chord progressions, choosing chords from a key or scale, swapping out chords with alternatives, and increasing chord complexity. You’ll also discover how to edit the MIDI data (adding, deleting, moving notes, etc.), humanize chords and/or change the harmonic rhythm, export MIDI, and load/save presets.

Over the rest of the course, you’ll learn other helpful info, including using Captain Deep along with Captain Chords (selecting which progression to follow, MIDI editing, rhythm features, etc.), creating melodies and more for our progressions with Captain Melody (idea generation tool, determining direction of melody, fine-tuning rhythm of melody, likelihood of certain scale degrees, etc.), taking advantage of Captain Play to make the performing of various chords or melodies easier and quicker, and more! Larry concludes the course by bringing it all together with a quick demonstration of how to quickly build a track.

Whether you’re struggling to find that one chord or can’t seem to get started on a new track at all, Captain Chords Epic can help you get back on track. This Captain Chords Epic video course will teach you all you need to know to take advantage of all the numerous helpful tools and features found within this unique network of plugins. Check out the individual Captain Chords Epic video tutorial descriptions for more information on what all this can do for you and your workflow. Stop waiting around for inspiration to strike… watch “Captain Chords Epic Explained┬«” today!

What You Will Learn:

  • How to create, edit, and record a beat in various genres with Captain Beat and add variations such as fills, swing, and more.
  • How to generate chord progressions in numerous ways with Captain Chords Epic, enforce limits (key or scale), edit MIDI data, change the harmonic rhythm, humanization, etc.
  • Integrating Captain Deep to specify which progression to follow, employ different rhythmic presets or other features, etc.
  • Building suitable melodies for your progressions with Captain Melody Epic using the idea generation tool, specifying steps and leaps or melodic direction, scale degree occurrences, etc.
  • And much more!

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