Groove3 GLAZE Making a Track TUTORIAL

Groove3 GLAZE Making a Track TUTORIAL

Production pro Larry Holcombe presents a comprehensive video tutorial series on creating a track with GLAZE! If you’re familiar with Native Instruments’ GLAZE plugin, you know what a powerful production tool it can be. In this series, you’ll follow along as Larry builds a track from scratch entirely within GLAZE, learning valuable tips, tricks, and techniques you can use to get the most out of this amazing plugin. These videos are for those familiar with GLAZE. If you’re new to GLAZE start at the beginning with GLAZE Explained® here.

Larry welcomes you and begins by creating a kick drum patch using GLAZE’s pitch envelope and filter before continuing with other percussion, including a snare, hi-hat, and clap-like sound – all created with nothing but sounds from GLAZE.

Next, learn how to create a wavetable-based bass patch using some effects to fine-tune the sound. Then discover how to create a pad that uses LFO volume modulation for a tremolo effect!

Throughout the rest of the course, you’ll learn many other tips and tricks, such as how to tune various Riffs from the available presets to the key of your track and how to use the sequencer to add pitch and velocity changes to a vocal part over time.

To see exactly what these in-depth GLAZE tutorials show, and how they’ll help you create exciting, dynamic, unique tracks of your own, see the individual GLAZE video tutorial descriptions on this page. Learn how GLAZE can inspire you and lead you in new creative directions… Watch “GLAZE: Making a Track” today!


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