Groove3 KORG Collection Producing a Track [TUTORIAL]

Groove3 KORG Collection Producing a Track [TUTORIAL]

Groove3 KORG Collection Producing a Track [TUTORIAL]

Ready to produce your first track but not sure where to start? You’re in the right place! Production guru Thomas Cochran takes you through the process from start to finish with these KORG Collection video tutorials. You’ll see and hear how to build the rhythmic foundation of the drums, create a synth bass for the low end, add some pitch bend chords, stabs, arpeggios, and much more. After viewing this course, you’ll be ready to start recording your own track right away! These videos are for those familiar with their DAW and how to record and edit MIDI and audio.

Thomas kicks off the course by welcoming you with a playthrough of the track he’ll be creating throughout the course, so you’ll know what’s in store. Then it’s on to the drums, where you’ll see how to establish a strong groove with a kick and clap. This is then filled out with some hats using the Korg M1. Thomas then completes the drum track by adding a few more percussion layers and demonstrates how to use bus processing to help glue the various drum elements together.

Next up, you’ll discover how to build a groovy synth bass from scratch to handle the verses. Thomas then adds a second bass to help fill out the bottom end for the other sections as well. Then it’s on to some synth chords with pitch bend by way of the Korg Mono/Poly, which both establish the chord progression of the song and supply the melodic element.

Throughout the remainder of the course, the process continues with additional layers, including keys and stabs (to flesh out the sound and keep the momentum moving), synth leads and arps (for rhythmic motion and melodic fills), making custom FX (for transitions from one section to the next), arrangement and final adjustments (organizing the various elements into a cohesive track, making some mixing decisions, adding a master limiter, etc.), and more!

If you’ve never produced a track from scratch yet (or even if you have), you’ll gain invaluable know-how with this course. Not only will you learn numerous skills in sound design, arranging, composition, and more, but you’ll also develop the confidence to try your own hand at the task. Check out the individual KORG Collection video tutorial descriptions for more information and ideas on how you can use these ideas and concepts in your own track. Your next musical statement begins here… watch “KORG Collection: Producing a Track” today!

What You Will Learn:

  • How to create a rhythmic foundation for the track by combining various percussion elements together
  • Designing a synth bass patch from scratch
  • Creating lead fills, synth arps, custom FX, and other components to keep the track exciting and dynamic
  • Valuable music concepts in theory, arranging, composition, processing, etc
  • And more!

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