Groove3 Logic Pro Dynamics Plug-Ins Explained [TUTORIAL]

Groove3 Logic Pro Dynamics Plug-Ins Explained [TUTORIAL]

Join Logic Pro guru Eli Krantzberg for a deep dive into the incredible built-in dynamics plug-ins that you already have at your disposal as a Logic Pro user. From compression and limiting to expanding, gating, and more, you’ll learn how to transform your tracks for the better quickly and easily with this in-depth Logic Pro video course. A number of techniques, from practical and problem-solving to creative and unorthodox, are covered. These Logic Pro videos are for first-time users of Logic Pro’s dynamics plug-ins.

Eli kicks off the course with Logic Pro’s Compressor, teaching you all about the basic set of controls that are common to many other compressors, such as attack, decay, ratio, threshold, etc. You’ll also learn the difference between the various compressor circuits available as well as how to properly gain stage when going in and out of the compressor, use the Output control to blend the amount of compressor effect desired, and use an external signal to control the compressor via the sidechain circuit.

Next, explore how the Limiter differs from the compressor and how it can be used to help instruments stand out in a dense, crowded mix. Then watch as Eli demonstrates the Expander, which, unlike a compressor, increases the dynamic range rather than reducing it.

For the rest of the course, Eli covers the remaining dynamic tools, including the Adaptive Limiter (useful on the stereo bus to achieve a full sound without clipping), Enveloper (transient shaper), Noise Gate (for eliminating unpleasant noise in a track or reducing bleed in drum tracks), DeEsser (for taming harsh, sibilant sounds), MultiPressor (a multiple-band compressor), and more!

If you’re a Logic Pro user, before you go plug-in shopping for that fancy-looking compressor with the slick GUI, you need to watch this course! You’ll likely be amazed at what you can achieve with what you already have. Check out the individual Logic Pro Dynamics Plug-Ins video tutorial descriptions for more information on everything these tools can do. Take control of those levels and transients with ease… Watch “Logic Pro Dynamics Plug-Ins Explained┬«” now!

What You Will Learn:

  • Using the Compressor to even out levels, shape the sound, and more
  • Applying the sidechain circuitry to the Compressor so that it reacts to an external source
  • How to shape and control transients with Enveloper
  • Reducing bleed and unwanted noise in drum tracks and others with the Noise Gate
  • And much more!

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