Groove3 Nectar 4 Explained [TUTORIAL]

Groove3 Nectar 4 Explained [TUTORIAL]

Groove3 Nectar 4 Explained [TUTORIAL]

If you’re having trouble getting your vocals to sit right in the mix or sound right in general, Nectar 4 is for you. And in this Nectar 4 video course, production expert Eli Krantzberg will teach you everything you need to know to start achieving pro results with it in no time at all. You’ll learn about all the modules included with the suite, including what they can do, how they do it, and how to tweak the parameters to achieve the effect you want. Whether it’s some subtle EQ, fully tuned and hyper-compressed, or anything in between, it’s all here. These videos are designed for new Nectar 4 users.

After a quick tour to familiarize you with the interface layout and basic capabilities of Nectar 4, Eli begins with the Auto Level mini module, where you’ll learn how to auto-adjust the micro dynamics of a vocal so that you have an even signal that’s ready for further processing. Then you’ll see how the Pitch module can be applied for any level of tuning processing, from subtle pitch correction to full-on robotic effects. Next, Eli covers the Backer module, a highly capable formant shifter that can alter the vocal quality by way of preset selection or a custom target reference vocal.

This is followed by a look at the Voices module, which allows you to quickly build harmonies from the primary vocal with pitch-shifted copies of the lead. There’s plenty more as well, including Unmask (which carves away competing frequencies in other instruments to give the vocal space in the mix), the EQ module, Compressor module, Gate module, Breath Control (which easily reduces or eliminates breaths from the vocal track), Dimension module (for vocal thickening and double effects), effects, De-esser module, Vocal Assistant (which creates a customized processing chain based on analysis of your vocal track), and more!

Professional-sounding vocals have never been easier to attain than with Nectar 4, and after watching this Nectar 4 course, you’ll be able to start implementing this powerful tool on your very next production! See the individual Nectar 4 video tutorial descriptions for more information on what’s included in the course and for ideas on how you can use it in your own tracks. Say goodbye to lackluster vocals once and for all… watch “Nectar 4 Explained┬«” today!

What You Will Learn:

  • How to pitch-correct vocals, from slight to extreme, and create harmonies quickly and easily
  • How to help your vocals stand out in a mix by using Unmask to intelligently carve away frequencies in other instruments
  • Changing the quality of a vocal with the Backer module so that it sounds like a completely different person
  • Using the Vocal Assistant to analyze your vocal tracks and build a customized processing chain that best suits your needs
  • And much more!

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