Groove3 Phase Plant Sound Design Explained [TUTORIAL]

Groove3 Phase Plant Sound Design Explained [TUTORIAL]

Groove3 Phase Plant Sound Design Explained [TUTORIAL]

If you’re enjoying Phase Plant, the deep, powerful synth by Kilohearts, but are a little confused when it comes to creating your own sounds, you’re in the right place! In this Kiloheartz Phase Plant video course, synth guru Larry Holcombe will guide you through the creation of many varied tones on the Phase Plant from start to finish. Kicks, snares, basses, leads, pads, and more are covered, and Larry will show you step by step how to create each one, including additional effects processing as well. These Phase Plant videos are for users with basic Phase Plant familiarity.

First up is a kick drum sound, and Larry demonstrates how it’s done with a fast-decaying envelope on a sine wave to generate the fundamental sound. A snare drum sound that Larry creates by combining a quick noise click, a sine wave body, and a noise-based tail and treating each of them separately with effects chains follows.

Next, explore how hi-hat loops can be created with a custom LFO shape that’s cleverly applied to white noise and a convolution reverb. Then it’s on to the bass sounds, where Larry shows how to create a wavetable growl bass, a sine wave-derived neuro bass, and FM bass sounds.

Pads are up after that, and Larry builds a particularly nice one using two saw waves paired with a granular generator. Further, he demonstrates how, via the Unison and Chord functions, to sound a minor 7th chord with only one key press. The course finishes up with an exciting acid-style lead sound that makes use of modulated filtering and distortion and a demonstration of using Snap Heap to mix multiple effects chains in parallel.

Phase Plant’s depth and versatility mean it’s capable of a staggering amount of sounds, but it can also be a bit intimidating to the newer user. With the knowledge gained in this course, you’ll be comfortable enough on the instrument to start designing your own custom sounds right away. Check out the individual Phase Plant sound design video tutorial descriptions for more information and other ideas on how to use the VI in your own productions. Learn how to turn the sounds in your head into reality… watch “Phase Plant Sound Design Explained┬«” today!

What You Will Learn:

  • Building various percussion sounds (kick, snare, hats, etc.) by combining sine waves, envelopes, noise, and more
  • How to create various bass sounds with wavetable techniques, distortion, filtering, and FM synthesis.
  • Creating pads that mix saw waves with granular generators for a more organic feel and using the Unison and Chord functions for chordal effects.
  • Acid-style lead sounds with modulated filtering and distortion, mixing multiple effects chains in parallel with Snap Heap
  • And more!

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