Groove3 Songwriting with Band-in-a-Box TUTORIAL

Groove3 Songwriting with Band-in-a-Box TUTORIAL

Studio wiz Eli Krantzberg presents a comprehensive set of Band-in-the-Box video tutorials! If you’re looking for a one-stop shop to turn your raw song ideas into complete, fleshed out arrangements, this is the video series for you. Eli takes you through the software’s extensive feature set, concentrating on the key elements geared toward songwriters, and demonstrates how to build a finished song from even the humblest beginnings. These videos are for new Band-in-a-Box users. (Note that Band-in-a-Box can be used as a stand-alone product or a plugin within your favorite DAW.)

Eli welcomes you and then begins with melody, explaining how the Melodist function can create melodic ideas based on any chord progression. You’ll learn how to vary the style of the melodies generated and edit several different pieces into one unified melody that perfectly complements your song’s harmony. Then Eli demonstrates the Chord Wizard, which automatically generates chords and backing tracks that seamlessly support your melodic ideas.

Next, explore how to add specific elements to your song that give it an authentic and polished sound, as well as how to generate doubling and harmonies from existing audio sources, add guitar parts with the MultiRiff feature, create piano parts, and more!

Throughout the rest of the course, Eli focuses on the powerful arrangement features of the software, showcasing how you can generate different song sections like intros, choruses, and even instrument solos. Learn how to use chord substitutions and reharmonizations to make previously heard ideas sound fresh and exciting. Then explore how Band-in-a-Box can even generate random ideas – based on your input – that can spark entirely new directions in your writing!

To see what these in-depth Band-in-a-Box tutorials contain, and how they’ll make your songwriting process easier, more fun, and more productive, check out the individual songwriting with Band-in-a-Box video tutorial descriptions on this page. Get ready to supercharge your songwriting process… Watch “Songwriting with Band-in-a-Box” now.


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