Groove3 The Legend Explained TUTORIAL

Groove3 The Legend Explained TUTORIAL

Groove3 The Legend Explained TUTORIAL

In this tutorial series, virtual instrument veteran Larry Holcombe covers the Legend by Synapse Audio Software: a stellar emulation of the legendary Minimoog Model D, with a few tricks of its own. If you’re new to synths in general, or simply new to the Moog-style layout, this course will get you completely comfortable with the setup and have you creating your own sounds in no-time. Synapse Audio Software went all out with this emulation, and Larry will make sure you know the ropes of every bell and whistle it has to offer! This video is for new users of The Legend.

Larry kicks it off with a tour of the interface and basic layout of The Legend, allowing you to get your bearings before getting into specifics. Then he covers preset management (loading, saving, etc.) and demonstrates how to set up a MIDI controller and map it to various parameters. From there, we get into the meat of the synth, oscillators, along with the signal flow of the plugin.

Explore the subject of modulation next via oscillator 3, which, along with noise, can be used to affect the pitch and filter cutoff – a powerful sound-sculpting tool indeed. Also learn how the Mixer works, which determines the level of each oscillator and also allows for extra analog flavor via drive and feedback.

Through the remainder of the course, you’ll examine several other key features of the plugin, including the Filter, Filter Envelope, Amplitude Envelope, the Top Panel (access to Pitch Bend, Glide, and polyphony settings), the Back Panel (more parameters), using the plugin as an audio effect, and more. To complete the course, follow along with Larry as you put your newly acquired knowledge to use and design three sounds (percussion, dark pad, and boogie-style bass) from scratch!

See the video descriptions below for more information on the contents of each. A world of classic, dynamic, and otherwordly Moog sounds awaits within The Legend; this course will teach you how to tap into it and dial in the signature sound for your next track. Watch “The Legend Explained®” today!

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