HOFA IQ-Limiter v2.0.0 [WIN]

HOFA IQ-Limiter v2.0.0 [WIN]

HOFA IQ-Limiter v2.0.0 [WIN]

Next generation true peak mastering limiter

6 impressive modes for a wide range of sounds

Innovative and user-friendly interface

High-precision LUFS metering and time chart

6 outstanding algorithms

The core of the limiter is its extremely versatile set of modes. You will find the right limiting for every application and every genre:

The Transparent mode is designed for relaxed limiting. Distortion is avoided by restricting the possible loudness. This way, it is very easy to use and extremely versatile.

The Hard mode takes action more intensely for maximum loudness. Especially when dealing with strong transients, this provides a punchy sound.

The Electronic mode is ideal for electronic and bass-driven music. It produces maximum impact without interfering artefacts.

In addition, you will find the award-winning V1 modes Fast, Med & Slow. This makes the IQ-Series Limiter V2 fully downward compatible.

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