House Of Loop Samplelife: Dub Techno Journeys WAV

House Of Loop Samplelife Dub Techno Journeys WAV

House Of Loop Samplelife: Dub Techno Journeys WAV

‘Dub Techno Journeys’ by House of Loop features a set of textural effects, soundscapes, and mix elements that can bring a production to life.

One of the most notable aspects of this sample pack is just how much warmth these sounds can bring to the mix. The degradation of the delay repeats, the grainy distortions, and saturation effects, as well as the glitchy sound effects that add more liveliness to your flow.

The sample pack features a huge variety of useful loops and one-shot, which can give you so much flexibility. If you are looking for those big, swelling soundscapes and space-age textures, this one is the sample pack you need.

The quality of the echoes and darker reverb tones is also quite special here. These samples can help you add more to your usual arsenal of echoed effects and reverberated sounds, bringing a different texture to the table.

Product Details:

  •  30 Drum Loop 114 BPM (Full/Nokick/Hat/Perc/Kick&Clap)
  •  31 Bass Loops 114 BPM
  •  59 Synth Loops 114 BPM
  •  59 Pad 128 BPM
  •  26 Efx
  •  20 Bass Shots
  •  20 Synth Shots
  •  20 Kick Shots
  •  20 Hat Shots
  •  20 Snare Shots
  •  20 Perc Shots

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Demo Preview:

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