How to Produce a Filtered Disco House Record in Ableton [TUTORIAL]

How to Produce a Filtered Disco House Record in Ableton [TUTORIAL]

How to Produce a Filtered Disco House Record in Ableton [TUTORIAL]

Make a track in the styles of contemporary Disco House Producers

What you’ll learn:

  • Music arrangement
  • song structure in a digital composition
  • chord playing and drum programming
  • mixing skills

A basic knowledge of DAW systems and some playing experience but not vital.

This course is ideal for those of you who wish to develop their sound within the Filtered Disco Funky House genres. In this course you will find a whole range of skills to learn and take into your own productions once completed. The track you will produce here has a selection of staple sounds that are associated with Disco & Funk music which have been produced using House music techniques. The arrangement sections in this course are a great way to take your composing skills to a new level. In this course you will gain plenty of insight into the fundamentals required for this type of music. If you think about the genres and labels and artists who are listed below, you will understand the type of filtered sound you will be producing.Crydamoure recordsRhythm MastersJackin House GenreRobbie Rivera 90s styleThe key components you will learn areInstalling VSTPlaying bass linesadding chords and a variety of keyboard riffs.Tuning vocal samplesAdding sound effects for transitional impactmixing down your drums and instruments.This course has been designed to make it an easy to follow video tutorial where the instructions are clear and simple which make the course a much more pleasing experience for you.

Who this course is for:

  • Advanced beginners for Ableton and Dance music producers

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