Hydrogen – Melodic House & Techno WAV

Hydrogen - Melodic House & Techno WAV

Hydrogen – Melodic House & Techno WAV

This tasty collection of Melodic House sounds, loops, one shots and midi is absolutely tantalising! It’s exceptionally tight, warm, deep and diverse, delivering enough content to spark inspiration whatever your production style.

Underneath the hood you’ll find nearly 600 samples drawing inspiration from numerous genres including Melodic House & Techno, Organic House, Progressive House & Techno. This authentic broad spectrum of influences traject’s this sound pack into the stratosphere. ‘Hydrogen – Melodic House & Techno’ really is the perfect blend of reliable, credible, original and versatile.

As with all newer packs you’ll find incredible usability, all loops correspond with their numbered brothers so you can stack in seconds or swap in & out with other numbers for unique capitalisation. ‘Hydrogen – Melodic House & Techno’ is a toolkit for all levels of production, whether you’re looking for the final touches to your track, the essentials to get your writing juices flowing, or an inspirational hub, always there, trustworthy from the word go.

627 Samples

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