itsGratuiTous Drum Programming for Beats [TUTORIAL]

itsGratuiTous Drum Programming for Beats [TUTORIAL]

itsGratuiTous Drum Programming for Beats [TUTORIAL]

This how to make drum loops for beginners course is aimed at producers wanting to truly learn the art and secrets of drum loop programming..

This course instructor (GratuiTous / Riley Weller) makes music production VERY easy to understand, and specializes in custom drum loops and melody improvisation. (And even worked with an artist who was nominated for a GRAMMY Award!)

Do you want to learn how to make dance drum loops?

What about how to make hip-hop drum loops for your rap beats?

Understand that programming drum patterns takes A LOT of skill, as well as creativity..

If you struggle to create a drum loop for beats, this Drum Programming for Beats course will teach you step-by-step what you need to know to for programming drum sequences..

Remember, a song consists of two parts:

  • Melodies
  • Drum Loop

So we MUST make sure our drum loop is right, and that it suits the melodies of our song!
To make a drum loop in music production, we use what’s called a Step Sequencer, also known as an audio step sequencer..
We then use one-shot sounds (one-shot drum samples) to create custom drum loops..
If you see people using pre-made drum loops for beats, please understand, THIS IS NOT BEATMAKING FROM SCRATCH..
Do you want to learn to make your own beats from scratch and program powerful drum loops?
I will show you step-by-step the TRUE SECRETS OF MAKING DRUM LOOPS FOR BEGINNERS!!

You will learn this about programming drums, snares, claps, hi-hats, etc:

  • How to place sounds in a drum loop (sound placement)
  • What types of sounds to choose (sound selection)
  • How to enhance a drum loop WITHOUT plugins (free in any DAW!)

GratuiTous has not only created many drum loop courses, he’s also written a drum loop book for beats called SAFE SPOTS, which is available on Amazon, and is covered in this course!!

You will learn how to make your drum loops in time, and program drum sequences that suit your music!

You will also understand how to add drum loop variation, and avoid copyright issues by owning your own music and using 100% royalty sounds to have full control and ownership over your own music..

Are you ready to truly learn the secrets of drum programming?

I’ll teach you how to ACTUALLY program drum patterns as a professional producer making dance drum loops, hip-hop drum loops, and rap beat drum loops..

Being a versatile producer in many genres allows you to truly learn what goes into a good drum loop..

Discover drum loop creation for beats in this Drum Loop for Beginners Course called “Drum Programming for Beats”.

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