Jono Buchanan’s Basics of Home Recording TUTORIAL

Jono Buchanans Basics of Home Recording TUTORIAL

Jono Buchanan’s Basics of Home Recording TUTORIAL

Step-By-Step Home Recording Jump Start
Produced by FaderPro, our sister TrueFire Studios’ company, master producer Jono Buchanan’s Basics of Home Recording walks guitar players step-by-step through the process of creating high-quality recordings from home. Students will learn the language of production and how to use all the gear you need to record yourself and turn your musical ideas into a beautiful finished product — all from home!

Our surveys tell us that the vast majority of our students are either already recording themselves at home or anxious to learn how. We also learned that many of our students already have the home recording gear on hand but can’t quite get up and running as quickly as they would like to.

If that sounds like you, Jono’s Basics of Home Recording will have you up and running quicker than you could ever imagine. Don’t let the “Basics” fool you into thinking that you already know the “basics” — this course goes way beyond “basic”.

Jono Buchanan is an Apple-certified instructor, a working composer, a sound designer, a mix engineer, and a master of all things production. His professional credits include remixes for Whitney Houston, Pet Shop Boys, LeAnn Rimes and many more.

He is also passionate about education as you will see and hear for yourself as you work through his step-by-step curriculum. Jono’s clear and succinct teaching style has established him as a favorite among music producers of any level from beginners to pro advanced.

Most players have Garage Band which is why we chose it for this course. What most players don’t know is how wide Garage Band’s feature set is, which makes it an ideal for this course and to serve as your “gateway” DAW — what you’ll learn on Garage Band can easily be translated to virtually any other DAW, especially Logic!

You’re gonna learn how to use an audio interface and record multiple guitar parts and vocals. You’ll learn how to put together drum parts using the unique Garage Band drummer instrument, allowing you to use a very simple set of controls to create really sophisticated drum parts. You’re going to learn how to work with mini keyboards to play software instruments. Jono will also introduce you to advanced features like “automation” for controlling parameters like volume to make dynamic changes through your mixes.

Jono will teach you how to “produce” — taking multiple individual tracks and building up a song arrangement. You’ll learn how to take your audio recordings and put them in time, and even tune them if necessary.

Here’s the best part… this step-by-step quick start learning journey leads you directly to the pro world of Logic Pro 10 because you can open your Garage Band projects in Logic and step your game. Yes, our partners at FaderPro will teach you that as well.

Work through this course and you’ll be able to speak the language of recording, you’ll know how to assemble the “kit” you’ll need for recording different ideas, you’ll know how choose the right audio interface for your different recordings, and you’ll know how to make recordings working with instrumentalists and singers to enhance your productions with their performance.

You’ll also know how to apply effect processing so that you can take those recordings and make them sound even better, and you’ll also understand what your next best steps are in terms of where you want to go next.

Whether you just want to record yourself playing over tracks or take it to the next level — Basics of Home Recording is your fast-track ticket.

Of course, you’ll have all of TrueFire’s learning tools at your fingertips to loop or slow down any video lesson so you can learn at your own pace.

Grab your guitar and let’s record some music with Jono Buchanan!

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