JTC Guitar Kit Tang Learn to Play Box Set [TUTORIAL]

JTC Guitar Kit Tang Learn to Play Box Set [TUTORIAL]

Embrace a trio of killer tracks by a guitarist with a rock solid grasp of phrasing, technique and musicality. Learn to play “Hang On To You”, “325 Nights” and “She Is Pisces”, composed by the exceptional Kit Tang.

Three songs, three killer releases, one truly gifted guitarist. Join Kit Tang as he shows you a whole universe of ideas, compositional techniques and top tier guitar chops spanning a whole array of genres and styles.

“Hang On To You” is an emotional roller coaster that features vertigo inducing crescendos and subtle transforming motifs. As well as giving you all you need to learn it, Kit has also provided a host of exercises that will help tighten your technique.

Strip things back with “325 Nights”, a jazz journey across the fretboard that will widen your guitar vocabulary and step up your theory game. Take on classic jazz licks as well as chord changes and a whole host of 2-5-1’s, an everlasting pillar in the jazz guitar game.

Explore hidden depths with “She Is Pisces”, a progressive escapade that’s backed up by the hard hitting drumming of Marco Minnemann. Ride the tallest waves with intricate and acrobatic shred lines and bring it all crashing down with emotive melodies and memorable phrases. A track for those looking to strengthen every facet of their playing.

This release includes 3 full playthroughs, 18 exercises, 51 licks, 3 PDF study guides, 3 backing tracks, slow backing, full tab/notation and GP files.

Heighten your guitar playing and open your world to the wonderful universe of Kit Tang and his trilogy of Learn To Play releases.

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